GLEN World in India

GLEN World is partnering with EkStep to bring its English learning content to children in India. Ekstep is building a digital platform, and an associated ecosystem of content creators, learning facilitators, and organizations for scaling education. GLEN World’s content is deployed in India through EkStep’s Genie app and its network of partner organizations. Our first deployment is with i-Saksham in Bihar (video of GLEN World in action provided by iSaksham ).

GLEN World and ELLs in the US

A significant percentage of children in the US are classified as “English language learners (ELLs)” (22% of the schoolchildren in California, for example). The level of English literacy is a strong predictor of future academic performance, but it is challenging for teachers to fully integrate and engage ELLs in the few hours available to them in the classroom. GLEN World’s digital content provides a means of supplementing and expanding the scope of direct instruction in the classroom, and of continued learning at home. Pilots have been conducted at Isla Vista Youth Project and Canalino Elementary School, both of which serve a large fraction of ELLs.