Paul McGarry
ESL expert
Paul McGarry has been teaching English to second language learners (children, adolescents, and adults) for over 30 years. He is also a teacher-educator, training both in-service and pre-service teachers on how best to instruct second language learners. In addition, Paul has worked as an administrator of English-learner programs at the K-8 school districts and the college level.

Hugh Ranson
Consultant and writer
Hugh Ranson has been an elementary school teacher in the Santa Barbara area for over two decades since graduating from the literature department at UCSB's College of Creative Studies. He has an extensive background in the art of storytelling, and has written short stories and a novel for adults. He has also written two Young Adult novels, In Jacob's Shadow and Pajama Boy.

Carolyn Kaster
Consultant, lesson design
Carolyn is a Waldorf teacher who has many years of experience in story-based learning ranging from kindergarten to elementary teaching. The Waldorf school curriculum, which makes heavy use of simple stories and tasteful imagery in introducing children to the language arts, is an important source of inspiration for the story-based approach in GLEN World.