Michele Moreno
Voice-over / narration
Michele is an actress and singer with roles in NBC’s Parenthood and ABC’s Boston Legal. Founder of kids’ music project Birdie’s Playhouse. She provides the voice for all original GLEN World audio.

Kevin Gleason
Kevin is an accomplished graphic artist and creator of a number of illustrated books for children, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the California trails he loves to hike.

Rhys Muirhead
Rhys (Ronald William TZ Maximus) Muirhead is a graphic artist who works mainly with digital design, but also enoys working in photography and more analogue mediums such as charcoal and pencil. Rhys has studied Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and is the founder of AndSuns Organic Apparel.

Daniela Jankelova
Danka, a polycreative based in Brisbane, Australia, is passionate about all things creative ranging from illustration and graphic design through photography and web all the way over to quirky paper mache sculptures. Born in former Czechoslovakia, Danka got her Masters degree in Political Science at Matej Bel University (Slovakia) and Diplomas of Graphic Design and Photoimaging at Sunshine Coast TAFE (Australia) and is the founder of IXI Ninth Vertical creative studios.

Marko Rop
Marko Rop is a freelancer artist, born in 1983 in Slovenia. He studied stage design in Vienna and Prague. Marko does most of his professional work as an illustrator, although his background and experience span other art mediums including writing and theater.

Jennifer A. Hicks
Jenn is an independent graphic artist / illustrator who is passionate about her craft and has worked with clients all over the world over the last 20 years. When she is not designing, Jenn loves to spend her time with her three beautiful children, husband and enjoys outdoor activities.